Buy Black Movement

Encouraging Black people to “buy black” has become more popular in recent weeks as the answer to the question, “How can we get noticed?” The majority isn’t listening and the only thing that will seemingly get their attention is cash or, the lack there of. African-Americans spend upwards of 1 trillion dollars annually with less […]

Social Media is not YOUR Space!!!

The internet played an integral role in leveling the playing field for small business owners. No longer did business owners need a brick and mortar building with overwhelming expenses and liabilities in order to be successful. The advent of social media platforms pushed the envelope even further. These platforms offered an affordable (FREE) way to […]

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Truth be told, it’s not hard to start a business. The difficulty comes when you are serious about this thing and decide that you want to make it grow and succeed. Proper planning will indeed prevent your business from performing poorly. You often hear of instances where companies didn’t sell enough product and therefore failed. […]

Ways To Drive Your Business Into The Ground

There are quite a few mistakes that businesses–large and small–regularly make. I’m talking about the kinds of oversights that are truly detrimental to the company’s success. So, what are those mistakes? I interviewed Scott Moyer, president of DriveSavers Data Recovery, who shared the six most common ways he sees businesses drive their companies into the […]

How Couples Can Buy a Franchise to Start a Family Business! Tips to consider before making that purchase

In the past decade, more couples are going into business together than ever before. According to theU.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)there are over 28 million small businesses in the US and of those roughly 22 million are self-employed individuals. But by some estimates around 3 million small businesses are coupled-owned. More and more couples are […]